Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey there everybody,
Just though I'd write about what's been happening here lately. My story has been coming along nicely (Preview of it is in an earlier post.) I'm on Chapter 12. And the Bell Pepper, Basil, tomato, and zucchini we planted are all growing well. There is a tiny green tomato(just a little bigger then a pea, that is growing. The Camellia we planted some time last year is starting to look a little less dead, and actually is growing some new leaves. Holly and I are very near done with school for the year. I'm almost finished with the Algebra 1/2 book, and General science, and then I'll basically be done for the school year. I hope to do a lot of cooking, sewing and writing this summer. I want to finish up some stories that I've started, and sewing projects I never finished. Then I could always use a little more cooking experience, and I'd like to try some new recipes. Pray that nobody gets food poisoning or anything. :P
This past Saturday was the Rest For Weary Home School Moms that our Moms hosted. Scarlett Holly and I mainly went to help serve food. Everybody brought something for lunch, and the recipe for whatever they brought. I had a recipi on here, but it got all scrabled up when I posted it so I took it off sorry.
All for now!

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  1. Thats great that your on chapter twelve!!